WHB 6 Well Flat Bottom Cell Culture Plate


Product Description

WHB 6 Well Flat Bottom Cell Culture Plate (WHB-6)

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Basic Information

  1. 6 well flat bottom tissue culture plate
  2. TC-treated, sterile, certified non-pyrogenic
  3. labeled well with alphanumeric code for easy identification
  4. Package: Individually wrapped, 60pcs/case, 240pcs/carton



  1. Lid designed for easy orientation and stacking
  2. Pinch bar design for easy manual handling
  3. Nonreversable lid with condensation rings reduces contamination
  4. Inventive design of the cell culture plate base makes it easy to distinguish from growing area and footbase


Cell culture Plate
Well Format6 wells
Bottomflat bottom
SterilizationBy gamma radiation
Surface treatmentTC-treated
PackageIndividually warpped 60 pcs./sleeve 240pcs./ctn.

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